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       Thanks for stopping in! I'd like to introduce you to the Whispering Valley Photography Team! We are Mj and Paul! I am a professional photographer and image creator for businesses, individuals, and service providers. I help transform brands and empower individuals; I support charities with my session, partnerships, and initiatives. 


       I have been taking photos for years, I have even developed my own film. It wasn’t until 10.5 years ago that invested in my first Digital Camera. I started taking leaps of faith with my business when I started renting this space in the beginning of 2020. I have taken many online courses, had mentorship from several local professional photographers, and a lot of hands on experience behind and in front of the camera. I modelled a lot over the years, and this has helped me assist my clients in their posing and creating a connection. I truly am here to capture your essence and show you the beauty inside you that everyone else see’s. 


         Joining me in the pursuit of my dreams is my amazing husband Paul. His position is Key Grip. He is the guy behind the scenes helping with set up and tare-down, moving gear, bending light, taking bts photos and helping me achieve my end goal effective and efficiently. With his experience BTS of movies and tv series in Vancouver and my photography knowledge we truly have become a dynamic duo.  Combined together we make magic happen! We believe that each photograph a person takes, is a moment in time captured that can only be re-lived through memory.

        When was the last time you took a photo with or for your loved ones? Once life has took it course you will want to look back at some photos of you and your family, to reminisce and time travel to the experience you had when that photo was taken. It might just seem like you are just taking a photo, when you are actually capturing a moment in time that you can never re-live outside of memories. Our family lives on through generations of memories and photos. Every Photo has a story and I would be honored to capture some of those moments and help you create ever-lasting memories.


         Each moment in life is precious and we need to stop and enjoy the little things in life. We want to give you an extraordinary experience! Working with us you will be not only giving back to a local business, you are also helping make an impact in other peoples lives. Book a consultation and together let's start making a difference in this world. Book a Consultation and together let's start making a difference in this world.

We are a Dynamic Duo that is making a difference in this world one photo at a time.

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