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Hello there! I'm Mj, a professional photographer and image creator dedicated to transforming brands and empowering individuals. With over a decade of experience in front and behind the camera and a passion for capturing the essence of my clients, I aim to reveal the beauty within and create lasting memories.

Partnered with my amazing husband, Paul, whose expertise as Key Grip ensures seamless setups and efficient shoots, we're a dynamic duo committed to making magic happen. We believe that every photograph holds a moment in time that deserves to be cherished and revisited.

My photography journey began in my youth, evolving into a profound source of mental health support. Transitioning from behind the lens to being in front of it and back, I empathize with the fears and uncertainties that accompany facing a camera. Having experienced both empowerment and discomfort, I am driven to provide others with the affirming and respectful photography experiences they deserve. Infusing love into every aspect of my work, I aim to make a meaningful impact by crafting headshots and branding photos that leave lasting impressions, portraits that reveal inner radiance, and fine art pieces that are not only a creative outlet but they also delve into the depths of mental health struggles, offering therapeutic release in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Let's seize the opportunity to capture your precious moments and make a difference together. By booking a consultation with us, not only are you supporting a local business, but you're also contributing to meaningful initiatives that impact lives. Join us on this extraordinary journey to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Our Clients

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